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Jessica Gomez-Rees

Publicity Inc. CEO, Jessica has spent more than a decade as a communication consultant across entertainment, supply chain, security, legal, technology, manufacturing, software, and hardware.  Speaking technology, inventions, and patents since 2009, Jessica has a knack for translating cutting-edge solutions to marketable business needs.  Starting her career in entertainment in 2003 working for the famous Lee Solters at Solters & Digney in Beverly Hills, Jessica first cut her teeth on PR campaigns for Ray Charles and James Brown.

In 2011, Jessica founded a PR analytics company in San Francisco and continues to manage media campaigns through her consulting agency She has implemented successful company growth strategies (leading communications for Nuix eDiscovery from 10 to 250 people worldwide, across verticals, and millions in revenue), helped companies raise visibility to leverage company acquisitions, raise venture capital rounds and launch in new markets. As a partner with Upright Communications, she contributes to managing high profile clients & IPOs on the Nasdaq.  Her experience includes leading Polycom’s CEO one-year anniversary tour, heading Lyft’s Texas media rollout, to guiding high profile startups through their acquisitions Modest [acquired by Paypal] and Plumfare [acquired by Groupon].  

Jessica has a Masters & BA from Arizona State University’s Hugh Downs School of Communication. She is a passionate serial entrepreneur having most recently launched on Amazon.  Listen to her most recent interview about PR & entrepreneurship with Spirit of 608 session "What PR costs: Major Dos & Don'ts with Veteran PR Pro and Serial Entrepreneur."